The Sales Secret That Will Change Your Business

My first job after college was selling tech equipment. Having no background in sales, I purchased a book by Joe Girard entitled "How to Sell Anything to Anybody". His "secret to selling" was to build a referral network, brand yourself in the market place, understand the importance of taking care of your customers and your coworkers, and growing your contact lists. In other words, spend your time building and maintaining your business network.

Years later I have read many more sales books, taken multiple sales training courses, and observed some truly outstanding salespeople. The lesson is the same - sales success correlates directly to your business networking ability.

Business networking doesn't just happen. You need to have measurable networking goals, a plan to meet those goals, and targeted actions to execute on the plan. In addition, skills are needed to perform your networking activities well.

Everyone has networking strength and weaknesses. Some people are extroverts who are very comfortable meeting and conversing with new people. Other people plan their time well because they are very organized and goal-oriented. However, very few people have all the skills and knowledge needed to be an excellent business networker. As a result, many salespeople could be much more successful.