How To Ask A Senior Executive For A Job (Email Included)

A senior executive may not be looking to fill a specific job but that doesn't mean that you can't entice them to hire you. It just takes the right message and approach. Here is an example:

Step 1 - Find a conference or event where a targeted company's senior executive is presenting.

Step 2 - Attend the presentation.

Step 3 - Immediately follow-up with a message to the presenting executive.

Below is a real note (only the names and companies have been changed) from job hunter Mary to senior executive Tom:

Hi Tom

I attended the New Leaders event in Philadelphia last week and was very much looking forward to your presentation on how effective development of high-potential employees has benefited your company, XYZ. Suffice it to say that the presentation exceeded my lofty expectation!

For the last three years I've been energized working with a number of high performers at ABC corporation. I was amazed to hear how my experiences paralleled with yours. The amazing passion and focus generated by these people creates a business environment that makes everyone strive for company success. I would very much like help you continue to build such an environment at XYZ. I currently focus on business development in the same target market as yours. In fact, we have common connection, Pat Shaker, with whom both of our company's have as a customer.

Congratulations on your business success. I would very much like to meet with you to talk about how my background and skills could help you continue to grow. Can we meet next Tuesday at 2:00 to discuss more about your company and how I could help?

Best regards


Why does this message work? It's doesn’t need to be long, but it does have to be good.

  • Mary took the time to go to the meeting in Philadelphia and attend Tom's presentation. In addition, she took the time to reach out to him. Everyone appreciates when you recognize and invest in them.

  • She complemented Tom by saying that the presentation exceeded her expectation. Everyone likes to be loved!

  • Mary agreed with the premise of presentation and supported it by aligning it to her own background and experience at her company. Show alignment in business philosophy.

  • She mentioned a shared business connection, Pat Shaker, who is also a common customer. Create commonality between the executive and yourself.

  • Mary described her intention to meet Tom. Quickly gets to the "call to action".

  • She asks to meet next Tuesday at 2:00. Make it easy to connect.

Did Tom agree to meet with Mary? Yes! Better yet, it resulted in a new job for her at Tom's company. However, in networking there are not guarantees. The key is to give yourself the best chance for success. Research new connections. Reach out to them. Show that your business approach aligns with theirs. Create commonality and make it east to connect. You will increase your time chances of success. Try it!